Spin coaster A real thrill ride for the brave hearts !!

Hop on board with family on worm coaster thrill ride

Enjoy the tree tops on
the UFO Cycle
Enjoy scienic view on top
of animals
Swing back and forth high in the air on this thrill ride. The ultimate thrilling experience at 360 degrees not for the weak hearted. A must for all kids safari ride through the jungles Drive around water while bumping into others for fun
Have fun with go-karts on track 300 metres in length

Bounce up and down loads of fun for the entire family Spectacular birdís-eye view & relaxing ride on Giant Whee Spin and turn in these colorful cups
Road rage with bumps can be fun. Fun filled bouncing horses Grab a swing, go for a fling feel the the wind in your hair New attraction Tikuís Aquarium for the entire family
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